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Have you been skipping workouts or avoiding certain movements that hurt?  Do you have an injury that you haven't been able to recover from on your own?  Are you tired of people telling you that you will never run, jump, or squat again?  At Restore/Thrive, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be pain-free and strong. In order to be that way, you need to find a guide that can help you figure out what's holding you back. The problem is pain wears you down and prevents you from living the physical life you want to live. We believe that pain is common, but it's not normal. You are meant to grow strong and age gracefully. That's why we have dedicated our professional lives to helping our clients get better faster. If you are physically active and find yourself dealing with a movement-related injury or pain we can help!  You'll receive focused, high-quality health care that you can't find anywhere else. We value your time. You'll get better faster with fewer visits than traditional physical therapy. When you commit to us, we'll commit to you. We're here to help you enjoy the physical life you were made to live.  


Tim Cummings

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