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Arbonne - Debbie Miller, Inc.


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Margaret Banana said “Being rich is having money. Being wealthy is having time.”

This is the reason I began my business with Arbonne over 20 years ago.

When I think about wealth it means so much more to me than money. Having health is a big part of that as I know it is for you too. But health requires time!

🛒Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

👩‍🍳Cooking Meals at Home



💡You have to have both time AND money to truly elevate your life. As a working professional, I had one, but not the other. I found a way to have both.

The result:

✅I built a multimillion-dollar online business.

✅I mentor strong, motivated professionals.

✅I prioritize joy, connection, and impact.

I have the freedom to live the life I always imagined for myself.

Differentiating Factors in my business selection:

🌱40+ years in business

🌱Consumable products with a market for men and women from basket to casket

🌱Stringent ingredient policy in the health and wellness space

🌱Global, remote e-commerce

🌱Ability to scale immediately

🌱Ability to access tax advantages not available as an employee

🌱Flexible work schedule

🌱Smart. Do the work once. Get paid for a very long time…maybe even forever.

20+ years ago I was working as a tax professional for a multi-generational, high wealth family. Tax strategy and investments were my game and I loved every minute of it. BUT…and there is typically one of those…my husband was traveling 4-5 days a week and I had 2 small children at home. I was basically a full-time, single, working mom during the week and I was exhausted. I was on the hamster wheel. My gut was telling me there was more to life than what I was experiencing even though I felt like I did all the right things…college degree, professional license, climbing the corporate ladder with an amazing job and amazing benefits, but I wanted more.

I was introduced to the Arbonne brand and I fell in love with it! What do you do when you love something? You share! And then I started receiving a check every month. I did a little digging and realized there was a brilliant income model attached to these products. In my career I saw residual income every day…trust distributions, investment accounts, corporate income and dividends. It isn’t something most of us will ever have until we hit retirement. Or at least we hope we’ll have it then! Why the heck do we have to work 40 years to live a life by design? Even if having a business like Arbonne isn't your passion, what if it could fund what is? Or just give you more time to enjoy life?

There is a better way to earn an income or at least to create a second stream. And it's so rewarding. Mentor others to add health into their life, add health to yourself and your family too, create connection and maybe have a little fun in the process. The products are fantastic. Clean and clinically proven to get results. I would love to share any and all things Arbonne with you.

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