Refresh Wellness & Counseling LLC

Refresh Wellness & Counseling LLC


Energy Healing - Reiki | Attunement | Pranic healing | Access Consciousness Counseling - Addiction Counseling – Child | Adolescent Counseling - Individual


Refresh Wellness & Counseling has been working with individuals, adults and adolescents to help create long-term change, healing and transformation, instead of temporary band-aids, by building a relationship that provides safety and acceptance, and ultimately promotes change.

Refresh Wellness & Counseling was created to utilize more than one approach to change. We recognized that talk therapy was not always the most effective tool to facilitate change, so we use various counseling tools and techniques.  

It is now known that trauma and emotions are stored in the body and energy field if not processed and released. This realization and knowledge led into learning and utilizing Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine/Healing modalities as stand-alone modalities or in collaboration with counseling.  


Ivy Pellerito

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