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Small Changes Big Shifts is a wellness organization focused on whole-person health.  Our mission is simple: to see people come fully alive and live their best lives – at home, at work, and in the community.

While striving to be healthy can feel daunting, we see that when broken down into small steps and nurtured along the way, people are able to create a sustainable lifetime of well-being.

We ally with groups and organizations to help build happy, healthy, and productive teams. Our wellness organization also helps leaders shine by creating a transparent layer between team members that opens the door to more kindness and connection in the organization.

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People are your company or organization’s greatest asset. If your team is stressed, in pain, sleep-deprived, or unwell in general, it certainly impacts their individual contribution, but also affects the productivity and well-being of the team and company as a whole. 

These three popular programs aim to help your team build rhythm and resilience to better face the future together.

  • Build Your Foundation: a great introductory option which includes your choice of a foundational 60-minute keynote (virtual or in-person) “Building Rhythm & Resilience” or “Tune in to Your Well-Being” along with your choice of one of our foundational eBooks – Wellness on a Shoestring or Small Changes Big Shifts– or our 52 week virtual Snackable habit-building program.  
  • Reconnect and Reset: Bring your team back to a place of positivity and connection with the “Build Your Community” 60-minute keynote which includes three leadership or team interviews and an interactive team-building activity focused followed by “21 Days to Build Your Community” virtual program
  • Amplify Your Routine: Build consistent healthy routines with quarterly presentations followed by virtual 21-day programs to integrate the learning.  Can be combined with Comprehensive Biometrics/Labs with two 1-to-1 meetings and 30-minute “What Do Your Labs Mean” session.


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If you are a whole-person provider or vendor looking to build, grow, and feel supported in the Kansas City area, find out why the Wellness Consortium has become what many of our members were looking for.